paraphrasing psychology personal statement

I want you to paraphrase or completely rewrite the following text so it arrives with a similar meaning of the text but without the following words. Or you can just write 275 words writing completely new stuff highlighting benefits of learning psychology along the same lines.

I find the insights Psychology gives into human behavior very exciting, and have been fascinated by it for a long time.
From an early age I have been intrigued by the human mind and how it works. This interest has been enhanced through my study of psychology.

I have enjoyed the variety the A-level course provides and I feel I have had a sample of different fields of this subject.
I have only studied this subject formally for a relatively short period of time,
Our expanding knowledge of Psychology has given us insight into the ways in which we live, work and socialize in the modern world. Psychologists to date have given us answers about the human mind, which have influenced us in the way we present ourselves in human society, in which I consider it to be truly the “social science of society”.

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