Paraphrasing, Psychology

Your task is to write a concise one-page (double-spaced) summary of each of the three articles you read. All summaries must be typed and adhere to APA V6 standards.

Your summary must include most (if not all) of the following:
1.What is the research question?
2.What is the hypothesis being tested?
3.Participant characteristics (number, age, gender, education etc.)
4.Domain (for example mathematics, biology)
6.Experimental design (between or within subjects)
7.Dependent and independent variables
8.Important points of procedure
9.Major finding/s
10.Interpret findings and conclusion

Avoid copying chunks of text from the original material into your summary. Try to be as succinct and concise as possible. Describe the results in a simple language avoiding statistical jargon. Like every writing assignment, your summary should have a logical, coherent flow with proper transitions. Do not simply list each of the components above. The goal of this assignment is to prepare you to read and understand the gist of empirical articles.

More of an abstract than a list of features; list is helpful to guide your reading, but not an absolute.
What was the study about? If this is too broad, what was the most interesting finding to you?

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