Topic: Bill (Case Study A)Bill, age 70, came to the examination accompanied by his wife. Bill was tall, cheerful, greeted the nurse warmly, and then started walking around the room a bit until he realized he was supposed to sit down.As the nurse asked Bill questions for the history, he answered some, and smiled at all. Bill’s wife, Cecilia, filled in the answers that Bill wasn’t sure of. Both Bill and Cecilia seemed to be used to her supportive role in helping Bill remember things.Bill had retired as an accountant two years earlier. In the period since retirement, Bill had reached the point that he couldn’t balance the checkbook. Cecilia handled that task, as well as handling money and change while shopping. This change in Bill’s use of numbers was so sudden, she said, that she wondered if something could be done to help Bill.Bill smiled at both Cecilia and the nurse, and shrugged his shoulders.QUESTIONS: How is Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed?

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