The lithosperic mantle of cape verde

Firstly i would like to underline that it is crucial for me that this work will be written by geologist writer. Please write me if any of geologists are available, otherwise i have to search other servicethe project aims to characterize the variation and evolution of the lithospheric mantle above a mantle plume and its interaction with passing plume-derived magmas. This thesis will describe the lithospheric mantle below the Cape Verde islands. The mantle will be characterized on basis of published petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical data on mainly peridotite xenoliths in mafic volcanic rocks of Cape Verde islands. Additional information may be obtained from our unpubished data and new mineral chemical data.I would like to ask just for introduction chapter containing general information what is already known about composition of mantle beneath Cape verde not necessarily from xenoliths ,it should be around 2 pages. It should ends with description what is the purpose of this thesis which I outlined above. Then additional chapter (2 pages) titled geological setting with some strict facts about Cape Verde and some photo.There is really good example of such introduction in article written by Martinis et al 2010 (Chemical and mineralogical evidence of the occurrence of mantle metasomatism by carbonate-rich melts in an oceanic environment (Santiago Island, Cape Verde) )

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