patient Advocacy

Identifies concept under study. Describes why the concept is important to nursing according to nursing literature and personal opinion.

Incorporation into practice:
Explain how the concept is incorporated into your nursing practice.

Building knowledge:
Explore how you will continue to gain knowledge of the concept as you progress in your nursing education and practice. Includes a detailed and measurable plan for how learning will occur

Outside resources:
Describe at least two outside sources of quality information that could help you to advance your knowledge of your topic. This could include professional journals or professional organizations. How could these outside sources of information help you to build your knowledge basis for professional practice?

Potential barriers
What potential barriers do you anticipate as you continue to learn about your topic? Barriers could include time constraints, monetary constraints, lack of support for continued learning, etc. How will you address these barriers?

Mechanics, references, APA
Uses at least four professional references, two of which are articles published in professional nursing journals within the last five years. Professional references include things such as nursing journals, books, .edu and .gov sites. Organizations such as ANA, and other nursing or health related national organizations are also acceptable. Uses APA format that includes a title page and reference page.

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