Pepisco\’s plan for Mist Twst

Marketing PlanThe intent of the Marketing Plan is to illustrate the student\’s understanding of the concepts discussed during the cluster and their strategic application. A marketing research component is to be included in the overall marketing plan. A plan for collecting data, including the type of research to be conducted, the specific questions the student wishes to be answered, and how the research may affect other components of the marketing plan.The Marketing Plan requires the most time and effort on the student\’s part, is the term paper for the course and will be the most comprehensive demonstration of the student\’s understanding of marketing. The paper will be evaluated on a clear understanding of all marketing concepts and recommendations based on all subject matter presented during the cluster.The product or service selected may pertain to the industry or company that the student is presently engaged with. (Note that any company confidential material will be held in strict confidence should such information be necessary to be used in the student\’s Plan.)The student may use the sample Marketing Plans provided in their textbooks as a guide to formatting and presenting their Marketing Plan.Each student must submit an 18-45 page Does not have to be 18+ pages just cover the material that is required compared to the example Prof will send out! (exclusive of title page and table of contents) paper on a mutually agreeable product or service selected by the student or assigned by the instructor that has marketing possibilities. The Marketing Plan will be typed, double spaced with one-inch margins on all four sides, and fully documented (if applicable) in a consistent and comprehensive style. Font size should be 10 or greater, Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.It is highly recommended that student\’s start on this project as early as possible in the cluster.This is not the type of project that can be done the night or week before it is due. A student\’sgrade will reflect the time and effort put forth.The intent of the Marketing Plan is to illustrate an understanding of the concepts discussedduring the cluster and their strategic application. The Plan should include a market research component (see book for example), total market, market segments, target segments, target market, 4 P\’s, competition and e-marketing. Market entry, or maintenance/survival plans are also necessary. An analysis of the current market environment, sustainability opportunities, a SWOT analysis, international opportunities and a clear understanding of short and long-term objectives will also be expected. Financial analysis is expected in some form, with income statements and break-even analysis on any new ventures strongly encouraged.The point structure illustrates the importance of this term project.

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