The score of Libretto

2-3 single spaced pages (1-inch margins)Write a fictional account of a 1607 performance of Monteverdi\’s L. Orfeo from the perspective of one of the documented performers. what was the experience like? I will be graded on the following: Demonstrated knowledge of the historical circumstances of this performance, Demonstrated knowledge of the Libretto and the music, Writing mechanics, and creativity.The score of the Libretto for L.Orfeo can easily be found online. When referring to the Libretto or the music, please cite the act and scene number. When referring yo historical documents collected on this chapter on Monteverdi\’s L. orfeo from Thomas Forrest Kelly\’s First nights be sure to cite them as follows:First reference: Thomas Forrest Kelly, First Nights: Five Musical Premiers (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000). p x-y.Subsequent references: Kelly, First Nights, p. x-y.I have attached the story, but you can look up score on internet.Please be direct, not a lot of fluff. U. S. Sriter please.

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