Persuasive E-mail


Persuasive E-mail


Subject: Request to change the format of the final exam in Business Communication

Professor Jones,

I am Teresa Brown, one of the students in your Business Communications course contacting you because of the format of the final examination in this unit.

Examinations or tests, since time immemorial, have always been used as a benchmark for academic proficiency. The best students in such exams are more often than not rewarded for their performance which I think is outstanding. However, I think due to this tradition the true essence of these tests has been lost over the years.

An examination is meant to test the level of understanding of the student as well as their ability to apply the content taught.  Today, most students only read to ensure that they pass their tests and proceed to the next class. It is imperative to change this notion. One of the best ways to do it is through the modification of the format of the final examinations. The existing format is commendable, but it does not fulfil the need for more practical aspects of the subject. To this effect, I suggest the inclusion of an essay topic that will incorporate application of the major topics learnt in the class. This will guarantee that the students comprehend the subject profoundly since they would not answer the question without proper prior knowledge and understanding. In addition to this, an essay question will allow the students to express themselves better which is one of the objectives of the course. Students will also learn to ‘think out of the box’ by enhancing their abilities such as problem solving skills (Allen, 2012). Resultantly, a new transformed and wholesome student will emerge who is not only well versed in business communication, but is also equipped for the workplace.

Some reservations may arise due to this proposition such as the efficacy of this process or its benefits while compared to the conventional formats of the test that have been used for such a long time. In response, essays are quite effective as a method of testing, especially in the higher learning institutions such as universities. This tool opens up students’ minds through its development of critical thinking skills in their learning. It does this by encouraging them to apply the principles learnt in real life situations which will be the case when they get employed after their education. The benefits of this method outweigh that of the use of multiple choice questions as it does not promote cramming and instead emphasizes on understanding and application (Allen, 2012).

Therefore, I suggest that you incorporate at least one essay question based on the major principles learnt in this final exam. This may be achieved by reducing the number of short answer and multiple choice questions in order to balance the paper. By so doing, you will ensure that all the major concepts will be appropriately read and understood in preparation for the exams which will result in a properly educated student who can apply the said principles in real life situations when need arises.


I am looking forward to your response.

Yours Cordially,



Allen, Jo. Assessment Methods for Business Communication: Tests, Portfolios, and Surveys. Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication, Vol. 57, (No. 3), 2012.





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