Plague Journal

This is suppose to be like a journal that we have to write twice a week, and it should be about new plagues or the things that we discussed in class. We have the class 2x a week, and we should be writing like a 1 paragraph for each lecture that we had and our thoughts. I wasnt able to be in class in person because i was in the hospital, so I only got the info of what each lecture was about each time. So basically, it should just be like a journal, that is written 2x a week on what was discussed in class. Below, I\’m going to write what was discussed in each of the lecture and the specific dates.1 – Intro to Infectious Diseases: what we think about them- Rainforest Disease (West Nile Virus)2 – Zika Virus- how to be a Good Pathogen3 – Sources of Emerging Infectious Diseases – Hunting forJungle viruses: Nathan Wolfe TED Talk- Jared Diamond\’s \”Guns, Germs, and Steel\” (there\’s avideo on the internet)4 – Jared Diamond – The worst mistake in the history of theHuman Race\”- How the development of the world help the virusesincrease/ spread/ create5 – Bubonic Plague6 – The Influenza, SARS, MERS virus/disease- Avian Influenza H5N1- Influenza 19187 – Continuation of Influenza, SARS, MERS- SARS coronavirus8 – Retroviruses, evolution of humans and HIV/AIDS9 – Continuation of Retroviruses, evolution of humans andHIV/AIDSSo each of these dates and the specific topic should have like a paragraph 10-15 sentences.

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