Police and unfair police brutality

(1) Present and analyze a significant public policy problem related to the First Amendment based on your topic. Describe your research problem. In other words, discuss why is this issue important to the public? How is it a First Amendment-related problem? Why is it urgent that something should be done about this problem? (You will argue for solutions in the NEXT essay. Right now, establish why it is important).DO NOT MAKE AN ARGUMENT YET! JUST DESCRIBE THE PROBLEM THAT IS CURRENT NOW.(2) Frame this problem with motives or warrants, which are current examples or incidents that demonstrate the problem to your audience. What has happened recently that makes this an urgent current issue? Provide examples of this problem.(3) Summarize and critically evaluate the various debates, perspectives, and arguments (pros and cons) made by credible people and organizations about your topic. What are experts saying about this topic in recent years? Provide examples of pros and cons.AGAIN! YOU ARE NOT MAKING AN ARGUMENT YET. Just present what scholars and experts are currently saying about the problem.(4) Explore historical dimensions of your topic that deepen its relevance today. THIS SECTION WILL BE 70 to 80% OF THE FINISHED PAPER, AND IT WILL BE THE LONGEST PART OF ESSAY #2. What is the historical background of your problem? If you feel like it is a very recent problem, think more widely about it. Try to go back many centuries. For example, if you write about censoring the Internet, write about censorship in general for the past few hundred years (or past thousands of years). You can limit yourself to a specific country, such as the U.S., but do not just go back 10 years or even 20 or even 50. Push further back.This can trip up some people. Don’t be overly narrow. If you tell me you’re your topic is “only 20 years old,” I’m not going to buy it. I’m going to ask you to think as widely as possible about your topic in this essay. For example, if you are addressing problems related to recent technology, such as social media and its current effect on the First Amendment right of free speech, think about how humans have communicated in general before the computer age. Explore the historical dimensions related to your topic, or extrapolate a wider topic from your narrower one in order to trace its history. I’m expecting everyone to find a historical perspective on your topics. Think of the historical analysis as tracing the “family tree” of your topic.One major purpose of doing the historical analysis paper is to slow the research process down. You have to get to know the background of your topic before you can make an argument about it, which you will do in a later paper.WARNING: Some people rush into an argument in this paper, and then are sorry later. Just follow the above prompt carefully, and you will avoid this.Using sources: You do not have to use sources citations or direct quotes in the proposal, but you can. If you do you will be ahead in the writing process. However, it is important that the proposal (first draft) is written in your own words before you integrate research sources to back up your words.

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