Political Geography Short Answer Question

Part 1

1)What are localities? (1 point)

2)What is the paradox of power when we consider cities in the modern world system? (3 points)

3)What did you gather from the section “Northern British cities and British hegemony”? (5 points)

4)What are the differences between diplomatic networks (internationalism) and UN organization networks (supra-nationalism)? (6 points)

5)How has the war on terror contributed to urbicide? (5 points)

6)What has been the impact on cities after the 9/11 attacks? (4 points)

Once you understand this, expand by showing how Israel’s attacks on Gaza in November 2012 apply here (yes, I will be posting these news items look for them in the module) (10 points)

7)How are military acts targeting localities in Afghanistan and Iraq justified? (8 points)

8)What examples of discrimination are encountered in the 21stC? Why can’t they be overcome?

9)Discuss the two key issues that make climatic change intractable? (4points)

10)What are the two advantages cities have over states? Why can’t cities with these advantages solve global challenges such as climate change?(10 points)

Part 2

1)Read: “In the army now” and “The politics of pollution” on pg. 268/269 and explain how place and identity politics work. (6 points)

2)Discuss the differences between space and place. (4 points)

3)What is Structuration theory? (3 points) How did Hägerstrand influence Giddens (3 points)

4)What is cultural hegemony? Why is the 20thC said to be the ‘American Century’? (4 points)

5)What are the prime modernities of the modern world system? (4 points)

6)What is the ‘post-traditional condition’? Why does Giddens argue that “assertive soldiers is the ultimate sign of decline for traditional sovereign authority”? (5 points)

7)Who does Giddens call “a world of clever people”? And how does he account for the rise of “so-called fundamentalism”. (5 points)

8)How does the section titled ‘Social reflexivity and multiple identities’ relate to  current or recent global events? (10 points)

9)What are place-space tensions? (10 points)