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Assignment: Respond to the fellow classmate\’s forum response as if you are a classmate giving your positive/negative opinions/views of their post. USE THE UPLOADED MATERIAL FOR RESPONSE EXAMPLES. Their instructions for their post from the syllabus are in the following parentheses: (\”Douglas McGregor first wrote about Theory X and Theory Y in his book \”The Human Side of Enterprise\” published in 1960. McGregor came up with two theories regarding management styles, X and Y. During this time, it was common for managers and supervisors to believe that employees hated work, needed to be strictly controlled, and would only do the very minimum required of them unless they were constantly monitored (Cutler, p. 56). McGregor coined this leadership style as Theory X–an authoritarian management style that focuses on micromanagement and little concern for the employees as people with thoughts or feelings.Theory Y was a very different categorization. Managers who followed the Theory Y leadership style were more willing to delegate, supported and encouraged their team of employees, were able to trust others and were trusted in return, and worked towards creating a rewarding working environment (Cutler, p. 57).In every job I have ever worked, I constantly faced supervisors who followed Theory X to the letter. It was assumed that because I was a lower ranking individual that I was automatically lazy and didn\’t care about the outcome of the work assigned to me. Such a stigma made me start to detest going to work, because it felt as though nothing I ever did would be enough to satisfy those in charge, regardless of how much effort I put in to it.Personally, I am more likely to follow Theory Y. I know what it feels like to have someone higher up constantly tell you that you\’re not good enough, always looking over your shoulder at whatever it is you\’re doing. I want to do whatever I can to make sure that people come to work in a good environment.ReferencesCutler, A. (2014). Leadership Psychology : How the Best Leaders Inspire Their People (1). London, GB: Kogan Page. Retrieved from\”

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