Public Leadership

This assignment should be broken into 2 separate parts.

A roughly 1,000 word research paper
Roughly 600-700 words for speaker notes for 5 slides (however I DO NOT want you to complete any power point slides)
****please read the instructions thoroughly and complete the assignment with specific detail to the instructions. ***

Write a 1,050 to 1,750 Sources of Power essay that includes the following: (a) an analysis of the sources of power in public leadership; (b) using the analysis as a framework, identify a known constituent group and assess the group’s power sources and use of that power; and (c) provide examples of this group’s influence on public policy and leadership decision making.

Format the paper according to APA standards.
*It is required that all paraphrases be cited with a page number
Words and/or ideas taken from a source are to be cited and/or placed in
Quotation marks.
Sources must be peer reviewed scholarly journal articles

***** I DO NOT expect or want you to create a power point presentation All I want you to do is complete speaker notes for 5 slides. Roughly 150 words per speaker note (slide) discussing the information below thoroughly. I also expect the information for the slide to accompany the speaker noted (i.e.)
* Not more than 3-5 lines per slide.
* Not more than 5-7 words per line; do not use complete sentences, use a bulleted format.
The information that is to be covered by the speaker notes is as follows:
Prepare a 5-7 Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker’s notes, that includes the following: (a) sources of power in public leadership; (b) identify a known constituent group and assess the group’s sources and use of power; and (c) list the group’s influences on public policy and leadership.

Specific instructions:
* Not more than 3-5 lines per slide.
* Not more than 5-7 words per line; do not use complete sentences, use a bulleted format.
* If references (sources) are used include a references slide.
Altogether, the speaker notes, and the research paper should total about 1700 words.
*Please be sure to write on a college level using correct grammar, proper
English and form sentences and paragraphs that flow smoothly.

*Please cover the required information thoroughly.

*Be sure to avoid passive voice

*please avoid awkward structuring of sentences and paragraphs.

A minimum of three sources must be used. Sources are not the same as

*Paragraph transitions must be present and logical and maintain the flow
throughout the paper.

*Sentences must be complete, clear, and concise.

*Sentences must be well-constructed, with consistently strong, varied

*Sentence transitions must be present and maintain the flow of thought.

*Citations within the body of the paper must follow APA guidelines (author,
date, p. # ). Paraphrases use a page number citation.

* No more than three quotations used and only one of 40 words or more.
Quotations do not count toward the word count.
* Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation must be followed.

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