Rachael and Kate

Rachael and Kate

According to Sternberg in reference to his theory of intelligence, “the triarchic mind” intelligent behaviour involves adapting, changing or selecting of an environment that best satisfies an individual.  In his theory, he explains intelligence in three fold, componential intelligence also known as analytical that encompasses traditional notion of intelligence, logical and abstract thinking and reasoning and skills in verbal and mathematics, second is the experiential intelligence, what he also calls creative intelligence (Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence, para. 2). This encompasses divergent thinking through generating of new ideas and the ability of a person to deal with novel situations in creative manners. The third aspect or component of the intelligence of an individual is the contextual intelligence also called practical intelligence. This component  encompass the  ability of an individual to apply knowledge to the real world, shape ones environment, select /choose environment and  street smartness. Practical intelligence consists of the ability of a person to gasp, understand, and deal with everyday duties (Robert para. 7). It demonstrates how a person relates to the external environment or world and it is directed towards the goals that an individual wants to achieve.

In reference to the case of Kate and Rachel, this theory best explains the diversities exhibited by them since the time they were in high school to the time they pursued their careers and retired. While at the high school, both Kate and Rachael had different level of intelligence and preferences. For instance,  upon their graduation, Kate  was good at abstract and  verbal intelligence which saw her join a college and pursue further studies in law while Rachael because of her intelligence or propensity in  technical issues she joined navy.

When both Kate and Rachael finished their training and course, they developed interest and become creative in line with what they were doing. For instance, Rachel thought outside the box through his creativity and began a business in antiquities. This was after traveling across different regions. The traveling exposed her to different cultures and through her creativity; she used the opportunity to deal in antiquities from different countries, which provided her with secondary income to sustain her living. She further had the abilities and intelligence on dealing with new situations through the experience she got from her tour in different countries. Likewise, Kate also demonstrated her creativity and her ability to think divergently. After her conclusion of the course or studies, she demonstrated her intelligence through her representation of property developers, licensed professionals, and business owners in their dealings with government agencies, professional licensing boards and neighborhood associations. This task demonstrates that Kate was creative and had the ability to deal with novel situations.

Both demonstrated their contextual abilities during their lifetime. They were able to apply their skills and knowledge in the real world, shape their environment and choose an appropriate environment they wanted. For instance, Kate advanced in her law practicing through application of her knowledge in the field, which enabled her to be self-sustainable. The ability enabled her afford trips with her husband as she could be able to afford and undertake whatever she wanted since she had the means. Further, she obliged to the requirements of the law by remitting taxes as well as made investments and property, which sustained her in her retirement. On the other hand, Rachael demonstrated to be a smart street person and she demonstrated ability to apply her knowledge to the real world. For instance, she went adventure; she ventured in antiquities, which enabled her, earn a living from painting murals for business. She also owned properties, which enabled her, live a fulfilling live after her retirement.

It is evident that both Kate and Rachael in the various path of career they undertook, went through different experiences, which Sternberg Triarchic intelligence theory best explains. The diversity characterized their life’s is a clearly explained and simplified by the theory.


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