Read the reading “The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility” by Galen Strawson.”Discuss

Read the reading “The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility” by Galen Strawson.”

Response papers must have the following format:
The response paper is to be divided into four separate sections. Each section must be a paragraph of 100 words or less.

(1) State the authors main thesis in the reading in your own words. What is the author trying to prove here?
(2) Explain why this thesis might be surprising or controversial. Why might a reasonable person disagree with the authors thesis?
(3) Summarize the authors argument in support of the thesis. How does the author try to convince us that we should believe such a surprising or controversial thing?
(4) Evaluate the authors argument. Do you believe that this argument can compel those who disagree with the authors thesis to revise their beliefs about this issue? Why or why not?

Outside sources are NOT allowed and direct quotes are NOT allowed. You must only answer these questions based on the authors reading.

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