Technology and how it effects the children.Discuss

you have to writs a Persuasive paper. and my topic is about technology. and my claim is technology and how it effects the children. you have the search of an academic articles in this website you have to find 5 surcease
the paper should have three parts: Claim : Must be supported with evidence such as:
Quotes, Facts, Data, Statistic. Counter Claim : Consider the opposite side, Argues against your claim, Offer reasons for why you are WRONG, Turn against your argument-challenge it!
Give reasons for doubt, Provide evidence against your claim. Last one Rebuttal : Turn back to your original position, Responds to and refutes issues you presented in the counterclaim.
Prove why those who disagree with you (especially those quoted in the counterclaim) are wrong.
in this paper i do not want you to write the introduction just start with the bodies and the conclusion please the sources should be from the library of the university of Findlay and give the work sited of em

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