Reading Transnational Cultures: Questions for Essay Two

Write an essay of approximately 1000 words on one of the following topics.
1.In Letters concerning the English Nation, English habits and practices are validated chiefly insofar as they offer a contrast with, and reproach to, different aspects of French culture. Discuss this statement. To what extent do you agree?

2.Throughout the work, alternative views of reality jostle with each other, and not only in the fundamental contrast between England and France The reader sits in judgement of a quarrel between two languages, two views of truth. Discuss this statement with detailed reference to Voltaires Letters concerning the English Nation.

3.How is the epistolary form used to create effects of defamiliarization in Montesquieus Persian Letters and what is the satirical function of this mode of writing?

4.Montesquieus novel Persian Letters both illuminates aspects of French life and exemplifies the difficulties of learning through travel. Discuss this statement with detailed reference to the text.

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