Reflection Paper for a pediatric shift .

I have observed a one hour shift for my pediatric course and we have to follow the guideline or better to say the questions that are required to write a reflection paper for this assignment. I have wrote everything about the condition of the child and observations and etc which ill also send it to you. I just need you to follow the guideline and write about 10 pages
I need to get about 90 on this assignment to pass the course .
i have type all the important informations and if you needed any extra information you can makeup based on the case.
I also have a sample that i will upload but its not perfect and person who did it only got 70 because it was not so complete but it can give you an idea of what im looking for,the sample that I uploaded it has feedback from the Ta who marked it.
I am definitely looking for a much better and more complete work.
Thank you

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