Write about those 3 religions, how Hinduism, Buddhism, and Muslim related or what they believe.

Project description

(MLA Format, types Times new roman 12) ( 4 paragraph or 2 page of religion and other all about festival of 3 religions below)

I already submitted my Annotated Bibliography to my professor so, please used my sources and added a couple of sources from peer review article, book or journal.

I’M Freshman student so please write in an understandable way.

TOPIC- Main Religion and Festival in South Asia

Used only 3 Religion Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam or Muslim.

In first 4 paragraph write about those 3 religions, how Hinduism, Buddhism, and Muslim related or what they believe.

( A) 1) Buddha belief in four novel Truths, Eightfold path. (2) Hindu belief in Karma, Dharma, caste system, etc. (3) Muslim faith in Angel, Qurans (holy book), which is known as God has guaranteed the Qurans protection from any corruption or distortion.
Promta, Somparn. “The View of Buddhism On Other Religions.” Muslim World 100.2/3 (2010): 302-320. Academic Search Complete. Web.

Gavin D. Flood. An Introduction to Hinduism, reprint edition. Cambridge University Press, July 13, 1996. Books.

(B) The conflict between Hinduism and Muslim about religion, Hindu worship the cow.
Omar, Irfan A. “Where the two oceans meet: an attempt at Hindu-Muslim rapprochement in the thought of Dara Shikuh.” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 44.2 (2009): 303+. Academic OneFile.

(C) Caste System and discrimination in India
Dhesi, Autar S. “Caste, Class Synergies and Discrimination in India.” International Journal of Social Economics. Vol 25. Iss: 6/7/8 (1998): page 1030-48. PDF.<http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/03068299810212423

Lopez, Donald S. Buddhism, and Science: A Guide for the Perplexed. Chicago, IL, USA: University of Chicago Press, 2008. ProQuest library.

REST of the page please FOCUSED in FESTIVAL of 3 religions

HINDUISM- Holi, Diwali, Dipawali, Dusshera, Durga Puja, Krishna Janmashtami, etc.
BUDHISM- Buddha Jayanti / Purnima, Buddhist New Year etc
MUSLIM- Eid,Ramadan etc
Please use more festival in Buddhism and Muslim and add more source.

“Major Holidays and Suggested Accommodations.” diversity.missouri.edu. University of Missouri, February 03, 2016.
< https://diversity.missouri.edu/get-involved/religion/holidays.php
Added on 12.04.2016 20:22
I send my attach file below, and also, I send what I turn to my professor ( proposal Paper and Annotated Bibliography) already.
Please write 2 pages of religion and 4 pages of the festival of 3 Religion; Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam or Muslim.

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