Religious Health Care

Religious Health Care

Elements Required by Governing Board to Improve Core Function

In Middleville, religious health care is the leading health care facility in the region. However, to maintain the position, the sector has to continue delivering quality services to patient because the patients are the major clients and stakeholders of the organization. Therefore, in order to improve the governing board’s agenda for areas of improvement in core function, it is important to address some element that coordinate to produce a better result. The functions of the governing board are crucial to health care organization and growth. The following five elements need improvement.

Human Resource Management

This involve the selection and working with chief executive officers (CEO). Selecting good CEO enhances the establishment of a good relationship (Rowitz, 2014). Furthermore, it would enable the executives to evaluate performance and reward where appropriate. Adequate planning and selection of good executive facilitate the communication process between the subordinates and management. Moreover, there is need to develop policies, implement them, and monitor the recruitment process. Therefore, the governing board ought to ensure that human resource programs and policies are well planned to comply with government regulations.

Physical Health Environment

The governing board through the human resource department should put systems that maintains and improve equipments, grounds, and buildings.  The equipments and facilities should be attractive, clean, and convenient for both health care providers and patient. Rowitz (2014) asserts that home-like environment for staff, patients, and visitors instill confidence and morale for staff and attract patients who are the major stakeholders. As such, planning, implementation and assessment of environment safety program would maintain high health care provision.

Good Leadership

Good leadership would ensure implementation of policies, strategies, and procedures. In addition, it would maintain the compliance to government regulation and entities and implementation of government directives. Rowitz (2014) further states that good leadership assists in the building of good public image and relations.

 Reporting and Monitoring

The governing board needs to strengthen the accountability of its members, staff, and management. The accurate reporting and evaluation of resources is the right mechanism towards better planning and implementation (Rowitz (2014). For instance, it would help in the monitoring of financial and human resource. Moreover, monitoring and opens the channel through which the governing board could correct deviations from the set objectives.

Establishment of Health Information Policy

The governing board should establish a tight information disclosure policy that control and regulate publication of internal documents (Rowitz, 2014). These include documents related to investigation, harassment and whistleblower, internal audit reports, and finances. Therefore, the policies ought to spell out the procedures followed before disclosing any information to the public.

Balanced Scorecard for Measuring Performance

Balanced scorecard is a strategic performance method used by management to align business activities with its vision and strategies. Many organizations apply balanced scorecard to enhance performance such as productivity, market trend, profit, quality, patient satisfaction, and workers satisfaction (Blokdijk, 2008). Moreover, communication, motivation, and opportunity would also enhance performance in health care system.


Health care system is becoming a complex issue especially when it involves different people. There is the need to share patient information between the management and the health care practitioners (Rowitz, 2014). As such, communication technologies and information in the health care support patient health care system, which is important to facilitate the treatment process. Therefore, the healthy care should embrace the adoption of electronic mails, telemedicine, and patient data program to enhance customer satisfaction and quick delivery of patient information (Blokdijk, 2008). This would increase admission in Samaritan and Protestant, and religious health care. Furthermore, the governing board should allow free communication between staff to facilitate interpersonal relation.


Motivation promotes team building and positive psychological engagement. Therefore, the health care system should create a positive mood though effective motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic methods. In addition, ideal temperature in a working environment is also a good motivator. Research reveals that for every 1.8 F decrease or increase in temperature reduce the performance by about 1-2% (Blokdijk, 2008). This suggests that staff get motivated when hospital management provide ambient working conditions.


Overall, personal development is important in any field or career. As such, the organization should provide adequate space for personal growth.  Religious healthy care should provide equitable access to opportunities such as training, promotion, and amenities. This would enhance performance through minimization of safety and health risk.

Evaluation of Performance of Emergency Nurses

Evaluating nursing performance is crucial to ensure quality health care. Therefore, for the religious health care system to remain productive and competitive, it should measurement the nurses’ performance using required indicators. These indicators include nursing hour per patient day and nurse accomplishment (Campos et al., 2009)

Nursing Hour per Patient Day

Emergence room requires a registered nurse with special skills to handle emergencies effectively. To measure the efficiency of nurses, it is important to measure and evaluate the time spent by a nurse in addressing a patient per day (Blokdijk, 2008). This would be rated against salaries and compensation. In the case where the performance is low, the emergence department needs to develop orientation and transition program. The program would allow nurses to develop adequate nursing practices to meet effective and standard safety care.

Accomplishment and Satisfactory Work

The religious health system need evaluate and assess nurse’s competence, which could be either stimulated or clinical. Furthermore, Rowitz (2014) argues that the nursing practice requires that a professional and qualified nurse should produce satisfactory work. In order to measure this indicator, the religious health care system should theoretically assess the cases of performance through presentation. This indicator ensures that no nurse underperforms because if the nurse does not perform satisfactorily, he/she would be answerable to the management.

The Steps Religious Health Care could use to Manage Specific Group of people

Patients come from different cultural backgrounds and needs. Therefore, to manage specific group of patients, it is essential to follow certain steps. First, the health care system ought to understand the needs of the patient (Rowitz, 2014). This understanding would enable the nurses to serve a given patient from an informed perspective. For instance, certain cultural believes affect the health status, health outcome, and adherence to drug prescription. As such, understanding the needs often assists in health care administration and a sense of being care for from the patients. Secondly, it is important to treat each patient as an individual (Rowitz, 2014). This special treatment would make the patient feel loved and appreciated. Nonetheless, personal attention leads to finding of good results, which means that patient’s problem and need would be solved peacefully. Finally, the patient ought to be give first priority. Blokdijk (2008) state that this treatment further offers the patient an opportunity to relate well with the nurses. The medical right accorded to patient assures the institution of receiving more patients because the health condition and human relation is good. At the same time, the patient recovers fully from medical situation and problem.

Strategies Religious Health Care could Implement to enhance Public Image

The hospital need to assess its strategic plan before implementation because it could have an adverse effect or positive outcome. As such, the leadership should use the BCG matrix strategy to enable them realize the way of improving the public image (Blokdijk, 2008). The BCG requires that the religious health care assesses its current cash generating opportunities (imaging), areas which need improvement, and the current market share. Therefore, the religious health care system should ensure that they have qualified personnel to offer exemplary services to patients as well as fulfill the patients’ needs. This attribute would ensure many patients seek their services because of the trust built in them. The policies; therefore, should aim at recruiting qualified staff in order to improve the public image and increase market share (Blokdijk, 2008). In addition, competitive strategies would ensure efficiency, honesty, and mutual trust among nurses and patients. The hospital management team should lead by example such that staff would emulate and follow suit.

Communication strategy is also essential in promoting public image. The establishment of good communication link between management, staff, and patients is possible if the correct channels are put in place (Rowitz, 2014). The flow of information in the health care system ensures that there is smooth operation and good understanding. As such, there would be smooth running of operations in and out of the facilities. On the other hand, management needs to embrace transparency especially in matters of finance.  The adequate allocation of resources would ensure that finances are used for correct projects. This implies that operations should run without interruption due to embezzlement of funds. As a result, it would improve the public image of the institution.

Technology-Based Data Collection

The religious health care system need to conduct internal management audit using the metric-stream solution and interface information presentation.  The metric-stream solution is an internal audit application designed to incorporate data processing and audit data related programs (Campos et al., 2009). This method would allow the religious health care to record quantitative and qualitative findings, which are required during auditing. Furthermore, the method provides detailed information and recommendation in a preferred format thereby saves time and avoids information damage through theft. The internal audit method helps to assess risks, schedule and planning thereby enhancing data collection and development of the report. According to Campos et al. (2009), applying the metric-stream audit solution would enable the religious health care to obtain benefits such as enhancing workflow throughout the system and strengthen the efficiency of audit staff. This would lead to value-orientation and data analysis to ensure compliance. The interface information presentation incorporates the medical records and tools used by the management during decision processes (Campos et al., 2009). The technology is computer-aided such that large amount of data could be processed with less effort. Therefore, the system provides comprehensive data report and incorporate safety information on how to deal with such irregularity.


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