Report – (Literature Review)

2. Literature Review. Provide a review and synthesis of literature relevant to the topic of your project and in the context of the organization and its activities. Your choice of literature reflects your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. You need a minimum of 20 references.

Hi writer,
I am writing this report, and this literature review is a part of it.
As u can see, the instruction above is the requirement of writing this literature review, so basically we need to create 5 separate different themes to complete this section but at the same time those themes have to be related to the topic and the organization and its activities. I will upload a word document here to explain about the organization and its activities, Please remember that the organization is a travel wholesaler in New Zealand, so when you\’re looking for some numbers to support the writing, make sure they are relevant to the country. And as my topic of this report is \”An analysis of the Chinese tourism market trend\”, so we can create 5 themes, for example like, 1. Tourist behaviors 2. The tourism policy within the country, 3. Currency Rates Affect Travel Industry, 4.Tourists attractions (what attracts tourist the most), 5. Tourism wholesalers challenges. These are just some examples, you can change them if you have better ideas. Thanks.

Please apply this article somewhere in this literature review :
Tse, T. (2015). A Review of Chinese Outbound Tourism Research and the Way Forward. Journal of China Tourism Research, 11(1), 1-18. doi: 10.1080/19388160.2014.984798
This article is an extensive research on Chinese outbound tourism; Tse has identified the Chinese tourism market trend in the past and explored the future directions. In addition, it shows the Chinese tourist motives, what reasons and conditions will attract them most to travel. An explanation of the tourism policy is also considered in the article which demonstrates how the Chinese tourism industry interacts with other countries

one more thing, as we need a minimum of 20 references, so please do like 4-5 or more references in each theme, remember to use academic reference. Thanks a lot.

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