Research Paper, Computer sciences and Information technology computer graphics.

Part C: Computer Vision Look up Content aware fill in Photoshop (or Resynthesize and heal in GIMP), discuss a computer vision algorithm that might help do what the tool does. If you want the right (incomprehensible) answer, the algorithm was developed by P. Harrison in his 2005 PhD Dissertation for the University of Monash (, but Id rather you try and think about it on your own. 500 words. only use the link above please….

Part D: 5

The Week of march 14th was the game developers conference for 2016

Write a roughly 1000 word summary of what you think the main highlights of the conference were in relation to the graphics technology that powers games (note: GDC itself requires a fee to access their content, just look for news articles on the web). If you like to look at past GDC conferences and compare to how those innovations turned out that’s ok too. Appropriate topics might be things like improvements to engines, VR, physics, lighting models, special effects etc. Remember to cite your sources. Double space, images don’t count against words, but might be useful. use the GDC 2016 please……

also you can add any relative sources…..please keep in mind do not just copy and paste from the sources and any other sources…..
Added on 11.04.2016 18:07
please follow the instructions…

use the refernces provided in the instruction sheet. Each part is different and has different source link..
for part C use : (
for part D use : The Week of march 14th was the (GDC) game developers conference for 2016
You should add some information about GDC, such as what companies introduced models in GDC? What other topics were covered in GDC?
please do not just copy and paste…..

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