Research Paper, Journalism, mass media and communication Transnational Communities and Diasporic Media.

This coursework is worth 100% of the total mark.
Please read the instructions carefully:

A good essay includes a judicious mix of theoretical engagement and empirical evidence. Preferably it is structured with a beginning, middle and an end. Sub-headings to be used to break up the focus of different sections.

Make sure you write your essay topic in your paper and, more importantly, ANSWER THE QUESTION.
Use the Harvard referencing system.

I will upload two files for you:
1) A document in which you will find a few questions, please select one of your choosing and answer it within 5000 words. Make sure you have a clear THESIS STATEMENT, tell us what you will argue throughout the paper, what the aim is, and a clear ANSWER to the question. You should not write so much about it without answering the question itself.
2) A document with a list of readings that you will need to use whilst answering the question. All the readings are essential, all you need to do is simply see which one is relevant to the question of your choosing. You must use these readings, all required ones!! Also, please do not only reference them, but actually engage with the authors. Critically analyse them, how useful are they to the answer you have given? Do you agree with them? Disagree? You need to show the ability of not only stating facts but referring and commenting on the readings as well.

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