Research Proposal, Business biomedical engineering employment.

1. Prospectus (50 pts.): The prospectus will discuss your plan including your proposed research, interviews, and other forms of information gathering. In addition, you will discuss how you plan to organize your report and the general plan for your presentation. Prospectus will be one-two pages. Due Week Four.

2. Written Report (150 pts.): You will prepare a written report of four-six pages. This report will include the findings from your investigation. Due Week Ten.
Prospectus (Workplan): Points to consider and provide in the prospectus: Who is your audience? Why did you choose the particular media for your oral presentation? What type of language will you use? Why did you choose this type of language?

The Written Report: The written report must be four-six typed double-spaced pages with a minimum of four sources plus at least two interviews.

The sources that you select should be reliable sources. They may come from the databases, trade journals, or other written publications directly related to your field of study. This is a good opportunity to explore the types of sources that professionals in your field will use to stay current with trends and developments.
Sources such as eHow,, and Wikipedia may provide basic background information but do not count as one of your sources in your report.
You must provide in-text documentation when you summarize, paraphrase, or quote from one of your sources. You must also provide a References page. Use APA documentation style. APA guides are found in the library, on the Baker Library Website, and in your handbooks.
Interview at least two people who work in your field. These interviews can be face-to-face or via some other media including email or social media.
You must submit a half-page transmittal memo that provides a very brief summary of the report and a statement about your work on the report.

The final report must include (1) a transmittal memo, (2) a title page, (3) a table of contents, (4) an executive summary, (5) the four-six page body of the report (introduction, findings, and conclusions), and (6) a reference page.

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