Comparison of intake using the My Food Plate recommendation, while integrating cultural implications of a Dominican culture.

Nutrition Paper Rubric
Objective: Students will use this guide to conduct a complete, comprehensive nutrition assessment (self), nutrient analysis, and health promotion nutrition plan.
-A Nutrition Paper uses Gordons Functional Health Patterns data collection tool to document a 24-hour dietary recall which will be provided attached.
-calculation of body mass index of (26. 5)
-comparison of intake using the My Food Plate recommendation, while integrating cultural implications of a Dominican culture.
-Nutrition objectives from Healthy People 2020 are identified and then compared to the data collection of the 24-hour dietary recall that will be attached.
-Recommendation for health promotion nutrition counseling is to be included.
***Self Reflection as to how the nutritional finding of this paper will provide change that may impact overall health promotion and identification of issues that will be continued or changed based on he nutrition analysis paper.
Submit (2) research articles. (PuBmed, medline)
The Nutrition Assessment Guide (Gordons Functional Health Patterns) data collection provided attached.
Normal weight range for patient which is 158 pounds and currently weights 168 with a BMI of 26.5
Usual food consumed in the Dominican Republic/cultural implications from the Dominican Republic
Comparison of the Food Plate recommendations with foods consumed (24 hour recall provided in attached excel sheet)
Body Mass Index Tool calculated-(BMI 26.5)

The Plan and Recommendations for Health Promotion
-Identify the Healthy People 2020 nutrition objectives
-Apply HP2020 nutrition objectives after nutrient analysis
-Identify patterns from data collection and discuss their implications
-Identify client nutrition strengths and weaknesses and council appropriately
-Addressed nutrient deficiencies/excesses in light of gender, age and life style.
-Select foods from My Plate recommended to promote health
-Discuss liquid intake per 24-hour period
-Cultural implications of clients nutrition practices on health
-Recommendations for health promotion nutrition counseling.
***Self Reflection. How will this nutrition paper provide change for yourself that may impact your overall health promotion? What will you continue or change through this analysis?

I will also provide a chapter that will help outline some of the key areas of the paper. You can use it as a reference. The book is Health promotion throughout the life span by Edelman, kudzma, mandle
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