Research suggests that unequal life chances and restricted opportunities can push people into a life of crime.

Qualitative Sociology Research Paper

Your research report will need to have tried to answer your research question using two different research methods. The research needs to be Qualitative, clear and not vague. Choose what ever reading I think fits and will help my research.

topic 4: Crime.Research suggests that unequal life chances and restricted opportunities can push people into a life of crime. What evidence is there that this is true and what explains the exceptions to this assertion: people who have suffered unequal opportunities but have never turned to crime? Use this guide to shape your own research question.

Research Methods to use:
Interviews- script needed 1 in the Appendix (cloud be invented)
Observation- field notes for 1 observations in the Appendix (could be invented)

My Research paper question:
How does living in a low economic urban background affect an individual from a dual nationality desire to involve them self in gang violence ? ( if you feel my research question isnt good feel free to change it but mind you that it needs to follow under the concept of topic 4 Crime and it needs to be London based)

The professor said to reflect on how you methods and your data reflect with the research question.

Using interviews you need to show that the research question includes how your sampling group thinks or feels or experiences a certain issue

Making it very clear by creating a logic clear structured research report

It is extremely important that you cover your concepts with good literature review and you don’t come up with statements out of your own. Every statement in the report needs to be based on Literature and evidence.

Report Structure to follow:
Your report will need to cover the following (irrespective of the two methods you apply to your questions)

You will need to restate the research topic, explain why it is an important issue, offer a brief literature review of the topic (offering a review of 2-4 articles) and identify some workable research questions.

You will need to operationalize your research questions. That is, you will need to explain how your research questions will be answered by your research. This will include an explanation of your key variables of interest, as well as an account of how you will define your variables of interest.

If your research will involve human subjects, you will need to explain how you will go about obtaining ethics release.

You will need to outline your research strategy, this will explain why you have chosen to apply the two methods that you do from the list of; interviews, focus groups, ethnography/participant observation, content analysis or documentary research?

You will also need to discuss the issue of access to respondents, and issues around sampling, as well as your role in the research process.

You will then write up your findings in detail, and use your findings to answer your research question.

You will conclude with a short section on how the research process could have been improved. Forinstance explaining what was good about the methods you applied and what was not so good about the methods applied.

You will place supporting evidence of your research in your appendix (which does not go towards your word count). In the appendix you might put your topic guide for your interviews/focus groups. You might provide your field notes for an observation, you might provide your interview transcripts here also.

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