Review the facts and law from the Contracts Analysis Case Study.

Mediation Memorandum Instructions
Review the facts and law from the Contracts Analysis Case Study.

What happened next:
Marshall Petersen filed a lawsuit against the grape producer, alleging various breaches of contract. In response, the grape producer has requested that the parties try to mediate the dispute, using a mediation service provided by their church. Marshall has agreed and must now draft a confidential mediation memo that states his legal and factual positions about the issues in dispute. This memo will be confidential (not shared with the grape producer), so Marshall needs to provide the mediator with sufficient background to facilitate a settlement between the parties.

Your assignment:
Draft Marshall’s confidential mediation memorandum, using the following outline:
Facts of the case
Contract(s) at issue – summarize material terms
Legal issues
Requested remedies
Conditions under which settlement may be achieved (where compromise is possible)
Scriptural support (incorporated throughout)
The memo must be styled as a business memo (see below) addressed from Marshall to the mediator, Alexis Fairchild, and must be at least 1,000 words. The analysis must be supported by at least 3 legal or scholarly sources, other than the textbook and course materials, cited in current APA format.

Submit this assignment via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.

For information on the proper format of a business memorandum, see the following websites:
How to Format a Business Memorandum
Sample Memo from OWL Purdue

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