Role-playing game

“Role-playing games provide a particularly fruitful environment for the development of critical, ethical reasoning skills, a core component in developing a citizenry capable of fully participating in a cosmopolitan, democratic society.” (Simkins- abstract 2008)For your game analysis you’ll spend time in a role-playing game. To start, discuss the overall context of your game. What is its ethical framework? What is the ultimate goal? You can provide a brief synopsis of the game story if needed.You’ll discuss 2 major commands given to you within the game.From your commands (imperatives) you will author (and refine) a maxim. Be careful here. There may be “nested” imperatives. You’ll need to author a maxim for each imperative contained within the command. No need to go beyond 2 nested. 2 commands + 2 nested each= 8 charts.Create a flowchart to illustrate the maxim authoring process (see pgs. 283 and 284 of Devine et. al)Write out the maxim(s) as a conditional expression (see page 285 of Devine et. al). \”When I am in circumstance x, then I must do actions y, if I want to reach goal z.\”Now, filter your maxim through the Categorical Imperative, using the Universal Law of Nature formulation or whatever filtration best suits your situations.I am Male please make it a masculine game.Finally, fully discuss \”games as art\” and game designer as moral teacher. It\’s important that your discussion be full and robust. 1-2 pages at least. Does your game qualify as art (based on parameters in article). How might a game designer step into the role of moral teacher? Etc.Try not to go beyond 10 pages. I recognize that you’ll need space for the charts.the elements of moral philosophy by James Rachael is the text we use in class

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