Laughter Produces Endorphins

I will upload the article. In case you did not get the article this is the link:


Students will write a two- to three-page paper (two full pages, not one-and-a-half) reflecting the Article. You will discuss how the material in the article(s) relates to information covered in class, ways you see the material as it reflects on real life (how, for example, you can make a connection between the article and something that has happened in your life, the life of someone you know, or something you have observed or been involved with), and what you think about material in the article(s).
Reflections are NOT summaries of the article(s); the purpose is for students to be critical thinkers, to take information learned in class and discuss thoughts it has brought up for you, opinions on the topic, or how you think that information can practically be related to peoples lives through the use of examples of situations or people.
While I am not looking for a detailed summary of the article(s), you must still provide a sufficient summary and discussion of key points and, if pertinent, mention of particular theories or information brought up in class that relate to the article(s). This will show me that you understand the material upon which you are reflecting and provide a foundation for your opinions and/or examples.

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