Screenplay/Shot Sheet

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2. Instructions
For phase #2 you’re preparing a screenplay and shot sheet. I don’t expect you to write a whole screenplay, just lay out one scene from your film, preferably one with as many of your key actors and plot points as possible (it will make the writing task easier). I’ve linked to several examples of screenplays here, here, here, and here. You might want to look at Shakespeare too, as his plays are written in a way very similar to screenplays (save the whole lack of camera shots and such). Aim for 4-6 pages for the treatment. With this done, map out a shot sheet, which is nothing more than explaining what cinematographic techniques will be used to capture the action in this scene. You’ll want to be as specific as possible in your selection of camera angles, depth of field, how you’d use pan/tilts, the type of camera (fixed, steadicam, etc) zooms, etc. You’ll find some examples of shot sheets here, here, and here. Attach this to the end of the treatment. The one added element I want with the shot sheet is to explain why you’ve chosen the specific camera actions/types that you have for each part of the scene. We’ve read about the narrative consequences of many different shots in the past few weeks, so talk about how the cinematography you’re setting up from shot to shot will help carry the reader through the content of the scene you’ve written up in the screenplay. Aim for an additional 2-3 pages for the shot sheet.