Select a current issue regarding a current foreign policy crisis that is facing America today.

Since the 9/11 attacks, American foreign policy has been largely centered upon the “War on Terror.” The military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq certainly dominated much of our attention, but the world and American interests are much bigger than these two arenas.

One can look at the efforts in Syria, Iran, Egypt, North Korea, and Libya as critical foreign policy moments for the U.S.

With this in mind, select a current issue regarding a current foreign policy crisis that is facing America today and respond to the following prompts.
•Describe, briefly, the problem.
•What actions should the U.S. take in regards to the problem you’ve identified?
•How realistic is your proposed course of action?
•Look ahead five years. What will be the likely status of the foreign policy problem that you describe? Is this outcome inevitable?
•How could this issue be addressed through non-military actions?
•What role, if any, should U.S. spying efforts play in shaping this policy decision? Explain.
•Evaluate the nexus between spying and security. Does the threat you have identified in the thread require significant latitude for the intelligence agencies or should they be limited in their efforts?

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