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You can have a choice between the following three different prompts:
A. Perceptions- You have read and, hopefully, seen Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Using what you have learned in class, make an argument as to what genre and style you believe the Resident Ensemble Players’ production demonstrated. Use specific examples from the production. You should not be summarizing the plot or production but making an analytical argument to support your position.
B. Theatre and Society- We have discussed the many different definitions of theatre and how it has been theorized about by philosophers like Aristotle. Do you think that theatre still plays an important role in modern life? If so, give specific examples to the role it plays and why this role is important. If not, use specific examples as to how this art form is no longer relevant to our time’s culture and society.
C. New Directions- Using your imagination, explain how you would direct a production of Hamlet in order to communicate a specific theme of the piece. Like Prompt A, you will want to discuss style, as well as elements such as the type of actors you would look for, design elements, etc. Again, this is conceptual argument for your vision. You may elect to use a different play, but you must get approval from one of the instructors IN PERSON.

The “Study Guide” has the information from class, just for reference only, do not have to use it.

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