Should the reporter face criminal charges for failing to report this activity?Explain

Topic: Journalistic Ethics
This is for Texas Government
This week’s topic is like something out of a sensational Hollywood movie. This article is lengthy by our standards, but is compelling and I worth the read. The essential facts are that a journalist was contacted by a man who owned a small hotel and confessed to him that he spied on his guests for years. The hotel owner even claims to have witnessed a murder take place (which he did not report to the police). The reporter ends up participating in the voyeurism to a small degree under the auspices of investigating the hotel owner’s claims.
Besides being compelling (as well as creepy) this article raises questions of journalistic ethics and of legal accountability. Spying on people is illegal, but what of the journalist’s responsibility in this case? Is he compelled to report this activity to the police, especially considering that the reporter was made aware of this activity while it was still occurring? Should the reporter face criminal charges for failing to report this activity? Explore the legal and ethical implications of reporting on such a story.
A final note: there are several sexually explicit references in this article. This is a college course and I expect everyone to engage in this discussion in a mature fashion.
Need to use outside evidence to support your arguments. Referring to the articles isn’t enough. You need evidence that backs up the major arguments you’re making. Don’t just lay out an unsupported commentary.
Times new Roman 12pt Double space.

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