Which company’s strategy is more successful In China?Explain

Country level analysis
Positive aspects of China
GDP growth
Meat consumption
Negative aspects of China
Low disposable income
Fast food new concept
Lack of experiences HR
General aspect of the industry
Technology complexity
Type of industry
Safety regulations
Industry classification
Porters 5 forces
Future of the industry?
General information of the companies
Evolution of the firm
Company entering China
Labor Force
Supply Chain
Geographic focus
I-R framework
Strategy type
Which company’s strategy is more successful
In China?
In the rest of the world?

Topics to be included in the written report:
Country description (China)
Industry description, characteristics. Classify the quick service restaurant industry in one of the 4 categories and explain.
Firms description.
SWOT analysis for current situation of the firm.
O-T considering the Porters 5 forces in the industry. Same O-T for both companies. No need of repetition. However, S-W are different.
Describe and explain the applied strategy to enter the Chinese market.
Which strategy was more successful in China versus the rest of the world?
Future of these two firms in China. What do you think it will happen to these companies in the mid-term (2-3 years)?
How do these companies be ready for potential competitors entering the Chinese market?
Any topic relevant to strengthen your arguments.
If you were working for another quick service restaurant company as an executive manager, how would you enter this market and be a good rival for McDonald’s and KFC?

Written report format and requirements:
Font and size: Times New Roman, 11 pt, single-spaced.
Number of pages: Minimum: 3 pages, Most likely: 4 pages, Upper limit: your motivation.
No cover pages or title pages. It will not county towards the page number requirements. No figures, graphs, or tables preferred (Those just use important space in any report). Use them if you really need them. They are not going to count towards the page limit.
ABSOLUTELY no copy/paste from any source. Maximum similarity to other sources (plagiarism): 20%

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