Soc: Religion and Society

Respond to each of the following questions in an essay of approximately 1 and half page essay per question

1. What are some of the issues raised when taking a substantive rather than a functional viewpoint of religion? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach? Use an example from the Gypsies to illustrate these strengths and weaknesses.

2. If it is difficult for sociologists to agree on how to define or study religion, what is the point of having a sociology of religion? Draw upon both Hamilton and your own viewpoint in your answer.

3 Explain how Hamilton distinguishes between religion, faith, and morality and give an example of each. Do you personally agree with these distinctions? Why or why not? Use examples from one or more religions to defend your answer.

4.Use ideas from Hamilton to argue that the Gypsies are, in effect, a religion. Then use Hamilton to argue that they are not. Do you feel that substantive and functional definitions yield the same conclusions here? Why or why not?

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