Sociology of Crime

Your interpretation of the news is to be based on the reading you choose to use. At the end of your contribution, you must state the page numbers of the reading that you have used. You do not and must not provide your opinion of the news. You must not repeat or refer to what other students have already said. (This means that you will have to read the earlier postings to ensure that you are not being repetitious.) Your interpretation of the news may not and must not refer to any other source; the statement you provide must be your work and only your work and you must not receive help of any sort from any source (other than the readings and lessons for this course); any violation of this requirement is academic misconduct. Refer to the link below, listed on the last page, for a link to a discussion of academic misconduct. Your statement must consist of 250 to 300 words. If you have too many or too few words, your mark will be zero. If your express your personal opinion, your mark will be zero. If you do not meet the requirements as stated here, your mark will be zero. Normally students will get all or most of the 5 marks for this participation mark as long as they provide a legitimate and credible interpretation of the news. There will be more than one forum for participation #1 in order to give students some choice; if so, students must respond only once to one forum for participation #1.

It is the responsibility of each student to be available as needed during each time slot. It is the responsibility of each student to have an internet connection as needed during each time slot. Any failure of mylearningspace to function is not a legitimate reason for not providing a participation. If you provide a reason for not being available to make a participation (a medical reason or a significant accident or a death in the family), you must be incapacitated for all 8 days of a time slot. A rational student will make their contribution early in each of the specified time slots. If you leave your participation to the last minute, you put your participation marks at risk.

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