“Fletch,” starring Chevy Chase

Paper 4 Description

Rent the video or DVD, “Fletch,” starring Chevy Chase. If you already own it, watch it again. Watch the movie in contemplation of writing a paper that identifies all the crimes which you see depicted. The movie is composed of a series of scenes/vignettes. In your paper, you should describe at least six of these scenes/vignettes in detail. After describing the scene/vignette, indicate what crimes you believe are depicted by applying the conduct displayed to the elements of the offense. Focus on the crimes that may have been committed by Chevy Chase (Fletch), Chief Karlin and his force, Alan Stanwyck, and the dumb guard near the end of the film at a minimum. You may also include others in the film, including Fat Sam and his beach buddies. As you describe each scene, indicate why you believe that it reflects the elements (using the Model Penal Code wherever possible) of a particular crime. Also indicate whether you believe any defenses might apply and discuss your reasons. If you believe that you see a crime not listed in the Model penal code, you may substitute the necessary elements from another source, such as one of the Chapters in our book.

Your paper should be typed and double spaced in a 10 – 12 point font. At least six vignettes and crimes are necessary for a passing grade. Those who discuss more vignettes and who are especially perceptive and astute in analyzing the scenes selected will receive extra consideration.

This assignment is due on Wednesday of Week 8. Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion where you discuss your thoughts on the assignment at a minimum.

There are no alternatives available on this assignment. Although this movie is old, it is widely available at video rental stores in most communities. There are many copies available on eBay. You may also rent it from Netflix or Blockbuster or other online movie rental services.
Paper 4 Rubric


Introduction     Clearly states the author’s thesis and grabs the interest of the reader     10
Scene Descriptions     Clearly identifies and describes at least 6 scenes. Discussion demonstrates why each scene reflects the elements of a particular crime and what defenses might apply.     150
Application     Paper clearly demonstrates the author’s ability to apply his or her understanding of the law.     240
Justification     Provides support to justify assertions of crimes and defenses observed     60
Conclusion     Clearly states the authors opinion and provides support     10
Mechanics     Relatively free of errors in spelling, diction, and sentence structure.     30
Total           500

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