Strategy, Business Information and Analysis

MBA Assignment Question:
• For an organisation with which you are familiar, apply Prahalad and Hamel’s theory of core competencies in an attempt to understand the basis of the organisation’s competitive advantage (1500 words);
• Critically reflect on how successfully (or not) the core competency approach was able to ‘identify’ and ‘explain’ the organisation’s competitive advantage (500 words);
• Critically evaluate the inside-out approach to strategy formulation. (1500 words).

In addition to the criteria outlined below, students are expected to demonstrate:
• in-depth knowledge and understanding of the module materials;
• an ability to clearly articulate and communicate their own ideas and opinions in writing, to develop arguments, and to structure a written presentation in a logical and coherent manner.
• competence in identifying the relevant concepts, theories and models and in applying them to real-life organisational phenomena;

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