The cause and link between computer/programming fueled the boom in biotechnology and breakthroughs in the life sciences.

This is an English class, and the point of the assignment is to find (and specifically focus on) the cause of trends, issues, phenomena in a career field that I’m going into. Since I’m going to be a research scientist for the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology, I wanted to choose the role of computers in research in discovery. Problem is though, My English teacher is one of those old fashioned condescending, and “worldly” humanities professors. Shes old and belligerent towards science. Not for religious reasons, she is just aged and English and humanities is all she knows.

I say this because with other writing assignments that i’ve incorporated a scientific element towards, she has given me failing grades for both of the two assignments I have submitted. Anyway, I mention this to you (the potential writers for this assignment) to be wary of how technical and empirically detailed you keep it. If She sees something within that criteria she’ll mark it down as “too broad, too vague and unclear.” The main and absolute-ultimate-focus of this assignment though is the cause of the trends, issues, phenomena. Make it clear what that cause is and how it influences the trends, issues, phenomena.

So, in a sense, it is about technology, computers and life science, but not really. It’s more focused on communicating the issue then getting the details of the career. Keep it clear and focus on the thesis, she stresses every body paragraph has to link to the thesis. Also, If this possible and in the realm of your expertise, I need to have an interview from someone in my field and then transcribe that interview. Not just as it’s own component of the assignment, but also incorporate it into the paper itself. Since its kind of hard to find any scientists around where I live, I was wondering if this could be part of the package deal as well. Another thing is, we turn in all our rough drafts, outlines and planning together in a packet with the final copy, if you could work those in as well as separate papers that would be wonderful.

All I can think of for now but I would appreciate if I can get into contact with you (through email) so that I may send an assignment sheet/ syllabus/ what article she wants us to model it after and anything else I can to help you guys get a good idea of what the requirements are. Also I already turned in 4 source articles to site so I need to give that to you guys as well. This is the last assignment for the semester and it will make or break my grade. Right now it is at a C….I put my life in your hands. ahaha

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