’What are the key features of Flipkart’s business model and how do they intend to create a profitable business creating shareholder value?Explain


• For coursework, the submission word limit is 2,500 words. You must comply with the word count guidelines. You may submit LESS than 2500 words but not more. Tables, diagrams, bibliography, appendices, annex and headings are NOT included within word count calculations. You must specify total word count on the front page of your report.
• For coursework, please use font size 12 for body text and the typeface (font) should be Arial or Times New Roman with minimum 1.5 spacing.
• For headers and titles, please use font size 14. Your submission must have standard margins and page numbers.
• You are required to use only Harvard Referencing System in your submission. Any content which is already published by other author(s) and is not referenced will be considered as a case of plagiarism.

PART B: Description of the Assignment Case Study:

Flipkart: Valuing a Venture Capital-Funded Startup (PART A)
Please answer the following questions:

Your assignment should answer the five questions below only
1. Using appropriate strategic analysis models carry out an environmental analysis for the Indian e-tailing industry. Critically analyse whether it is a promising industry to invest in. (20 marks)
2. ’What are the key features of Flipkart’s business model and how do they intend to create a profitable business creating shareholder value? (20 marks)
3. What valuation multiples did the Venture Capital firms use in the 2013 funding round and how did they compare? Critically discuss whether these are appropriate. (15 marks)
4. What return would an Indian public equity investor expect from investing in Flipkart? (15 marks)
5. Using the information in the case study, and the performance of other relevant companies, forecast the future performance on Flipkart and estimate the returns that the VC investors are expecting from the last round. Clearly state any external references that you use for benchmarking or setting parameters in your forecast. (25 marks)

Critically compare these required returns with the public market required returns. (5 marks)

Any results should be analysed and evaluated. A portion of the marks in the calculation questions are attributable to the analysis accompanying the numbers.

In your answers, in addition to the information from the Case Study, please apply the concepts from the appropriate areas of financial and economic theory, discussed during this and all previous modules during your course. Your answers should include appropriate numerical data and, if appropriate, charts/graphs.

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