The current level of engagement of agribusiness corporations in sustainable/alternative agriculture.

•Along those lines, we have seen large food companies and agribusinesses, from ADM to Nestles, get on board with the sustainable, alternative Ag marketing schemes in recent years. While their motives may not be (most likely aren\’t!) altruistic and for the common good, they are moving things in a positive direction in response to public pressure and in the interest of making a good buck off the popularity of the movement. In the world in which we exist, though grassroots movements are significant and often carry weight (witness Bernie Sanders), it also takes big money and the power of government to move mountains; which is proportionately what we need to do right now in order to save the humankind. This phenomena would be a good and timely study. There are a lot of people, even within the sustainability/alternative movement that are not aware of just how much these corporations are already engaged. Your paper could serve to educate them.No plagiarism.I need an original thesis-research paper.The paper should have an interdisciplinary flavor with degrees of content that include science/technology, historical roots or precedence, and social impact.MLA format with all source material citedRough draft/summary required

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