Describe the structure and function of the human male and female reproductive systems.

Unit Title: HUMAN SEX AND REPRODUCTION Credits: 3 Level 3
Access to HE Diploma: ACCESS TO HE DIPLOMA ( Health Science Professions )
Descriptors applied to Assignment: 1 2 7
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⦁ Understand the structures and function of male and female reproductive systems.
⦁ Understand the human menstrual cycle.
⦁ Understand gametogenesis and fertilization.
⦁ Understand methods of contraception.
⦁ Understand contemporary issues in Human Reproduction.
Unit Assessment Criteria Applied to Assignment
Number of assignments to this unit: Two tasks Task 1 – 5 Questions and Answers
Task 2 – Short Essay title – Pix and Mix
Page No. where you have covered the assessment criteria Assessment Criterion (Identified below in brackets) Please also indicate where you have covered the assessment criteria in your actual submission.
⦁ Describe the structure and function of the human male and female reproductive systems
⦁ Explain the chronology and control of the human female reproductive cycle including hormone interactions
⦁ Describe the process of spermatogenesis and oogenesis comparing the two
⦁ Explain fertilization
⦁ Discuss infertility and the process of IVF
⦁ Discuss three methods of contraception
4.2 Explain contraception by hormone control
⦁ Discuss reproduction issues which may be considered to be controversial

Grade descriptor: 1 Understanding the subject
For Merit: Demonstrates a very good grasp of the relevant knowledge base. (M) For Distinction: Demonstrates an excellent grasp of the relevant knowledge base (D) Grade Indicator
Grade descriptor :2 Application of Knowledge
For Merit: Makes use of relevant ideas with either breadth or depth and a very good level of consistency (M) For Distinction: Makes use of relevant ideas with both breadth and depth and an excellent level of consistency (D) Grade Indicator
Grade descriptor: 7 Quality
For Merit: Is structured in a way that is generally logical and fluent; Taken as a whole, demonstrates a very good response to the demands of the brief/assignment (M) For Distinction: Is structured in a way that is consistently logic and fluent; Taken as a whole, demonstrates an excellent response to the demands of the brief/assignment (D) Grade Indicator
Word count: 2000 words for the questions and answers 1000 words for the Essay:
Sanctions apply for graded assessments that exceed the allocated word limit by more than 10% – please see Student Handbook for details of these sanctions

⦁ Written questions and answers: There are 5 questions and one short essay in this assignment. Please word process your answers and any drawn illustrations will need to be scanned and uploaded to your dashboard or posted.

⦁ You may complete a plan to discuss with your tutor to ensure you are on the right track if you feel you need to
⦁ You should refer to the Grade descriptors above when completing the above assessment criteria 1.1 – 5.1
Please use the word processor and if you decide to draw illustrations you will need to scan and upload them to your file or post them with a copy of your signed Declaration.


Task 1: 5 Questions and Answers (2000 words collectively)

Q1a. Draw and embed 2 large diagrams showing the male and female reproductive systems. Ensure that your diagrams are fully labelled.
Q1b. Using the two diagrams you have drawn to assist you; describe in detail the structure and function of the human male and female reproductive systems. (1.1)

Q2. Fig 3 shows changes in the concentration of levels hormones that are involved in controlling the menstrual cycle.

Using figure 3 to assist explain the chronology of the human female reproductive cycle. You must include details of how the different hormones interact to effectively control the processes of ovulation and menstruation (2.1).

Q3a. Human gametes are produced by a type of cell division called meiosis.
Explain in detail, with the use of an annotated image, the process of meiosis (3.1).
Q3b. The process of producing mature sperm is called spermatogenesis i.e. ‘the creation of sperm’, likewise; the process of producing egg cells is called oogenesis i.e. ‘the creation of oocytes’ or egg cells.

Compare and contrast the processes of Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis in a piece of written work (3.1)

Q4a. To produce a zygote fertilisation of an egg cell by a sperm cell has to occur. Explain in detail the process of fertilisation within the human body. Your explanation should commence at ovulation and terminate at implantation (3.2).

Q4b. Sometimes, for different reasons, infertility occurs within the human body. Explain in detail two reasons for infertility in males and two reasons for infertility in females (3.3).

Q4c. In an attempt to conceive a child a couple who, for some reason, are infertile may decide to try IVF. Discuss in detail the process of In Vitro Fertilisation. You should include an image in your response (3.3).
Q5a. When couples either feel that their family is complete or they do not wish to conceive children then contraceptive measures are used. Discuss three separate methods of contraception that do not contain hormones, with regards to method of use and effectiveness. (4.1)

Q5b. Explain how hormones are commonly used within the human body as a contraceptive measure. (4.2)
Task 2 – Short Essay (1000 words)

Pick and Mix

A designer baby has been defined as:

…………. a baby genetically engineered in vitro for specially selected traits, which can vary from lowered disease-risk to gender selection. (

Discuss in essay format this controversial reproduction issue. (5.1)

Guidance on essay typical essay format below:
Essay Writing Check list
Step by Step Guidance of conventional e
Essay Writing
A good essay should demonstrate the following Tick box
Show evidence of wide reading.
Source materials from Books, Journals, internet, leaflets etc.
Give examples, reasons, case studies, evidence etc.
Is analytical in Structure.
Compares and contrasts different opinions.
Deals with a range of arguments.
Demonstrates and awareness of the complexity of the Subject.
Distinguishes facts from ideas and opinions.
Is written in your own words.
Follows an argument with logical development from one point to another.
Grouping of similar points together.
Uses well constructed paragraphs and sentences.
Uses references and quotations.
Concludes by making a decision on which argument is the best.
Have good spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Is within the word limit.
Has a reference section or bibliography.
Follows the Harvard referencing system.
Answers your question and addresses each assessment criteria.

Your submission is eligible for grading if you have met the criterion above and forwarded the declaration to confirm you have not plagiarised in your submission.
Your work should indicate where you have covered the different assessment criterion: To assure a cross check of further quality with regards to submission of assessments please identify within the body of your assessment the assessment criteria that is being met. This should then correspond with your assessment criteria sheet above. The most appropriate way to do this is to write the criteria number next to the paragraphs and in the margin where you feel you have met the criteria.
Please make sure that all work is referenced using the Harvard referencing system.
All submissions have to be uploaded to the VLE.
If you have completed some illustrations, either scan them and upload them to the VLE.
Take pride in your submission of assignments. Insert your name and page numbers on all your work.
When you have completed your work and had it marked, you must save each unit as follows towards your final portfolio for your Diploma submission:-
A Signed FULL brief – not just the front page. With the issue date; due date and submission date on the front.
B Annotated work
C Feedback sheet.

Your reflections – please upload this to your dashboard with your assignment.
Here are some pointers but please feel free to comment further:
Can you identify specific learning points? If so tell us about these.
Were the materials and assessment clear? If not, can you identify areas for improvement
Did the topic inspire you to further reading? Please share any relevant/interesting links

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