The Impact of General Aviation

introduction General Aviation makes up the bulk of the air transportation industry. There are more general aviation pilots, planes, and airports served than any other segment within the air transportation industry. Although the impact of general aviation on the industry is immense, it is difficult to quantify due to the lack of stringent reporting regulations similar to those that are imposed on other areas of the air transportation industry. Instructions For this assignment, write a 3-4 page essay explaining why general aviation has such a strong impact on the air transportation industry.Essay Guidelines No less than 3 pages using a 12 pt. font, double spaced, with one inch margins. Use correct spelling and grammar. Give your opinion then support it with references Provide credit to outside sources at the end of your essay using APA styling. Grading Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric: 5 points – Length: Essay is no more than 3 pages and uses 12 point font double spaced. 10 points – Format: APA styling throughout including a cover page and appropriate citations. 15 points – Opinion: Your opinions are clearly stated. 20 points – Support: Support and elaboration are related to and supportive of your opinions. TOTAL – 50 points

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