The status of women in Canada, has the situation improved in terms of womens to power, jobs income equality?

Please note I only have 700 words Completed – therefore a lot of work still needs to be added to this essay to reach the 5000-6000 word mark. This Research Paper needs to be about how the Status of women in Canada has improved. You need to define / measure their
improvement by using a certain reference when it started to improve for them (maybe the World War) Then you will need to compare how they have been improving their status using what type of rights they had or did not have, compare their job equality to men, etc. You will need to highlight the obstacles women went through to create their better status over the years. Keep the same idea I have already started by breaking up the essay into paragraphs using certain time lines to show the progress state how Canadian women status improved prior to World War One to their current position. Use the WW1 as a turning point for womens status improvement.

YOU MUST USE in this ESSAY and Reference – sociological views and compare womens situations to mens over the past and current years. This will help show a well-researched paper on how womens status has indeed improved in terms of access to power, jobs, income and equality.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE in EACH PARAGRAPH AT LEAST 1 PROOF with backing up reference evidence. This is only for Canadian Women Status Paper needs to be at least 5000 and properly cited I need you to upload working progress twice prior to the DEADLINE date

Feel Free to change my work that I have currently provided or completed so far.

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