pathophysicology Paperdetails:Identify the most common drugs used to treat common diseases and disorders of each of the body systems.Utilize drug resources available online and in the library locate drug information such as the generic term, brand name, uses and side effectsInstructions: This is the continuation of the project that began in Week 5. You will turn in your work to be graded each week and continue to complete the drug table through Week 14. Each week, you will identify 10 disorders discussed in your reading and you will locate a common drug used to treat the disorder. Complete the table provided in the Week 5 \”Submit Assignments\” section or in \”Course Documents\” to record your answers – each week adds 9 rows for a total of 10 rows under each body system.we are now in week eight which deals with the nervous system. the disorders that will be added to the chart are as follows: hyrocephalus, spina bifida, cerbral palsy,encephalitis, increased intracranial pressure, transient ischemic attack, epilepticus, mulitiple sclerosis, parkinsons disease myasthenia gravis, alzheimers disease.

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