The subject is Business Management/ Medical Tourism Industry.

I have started my research, and have started on some chapters but I am running out of time. While reviewing the literature and talking to the company (I have been doing observation over a two weeks’ period in Austria) I realised that the research question/ objectives need to be edited (a more specific focus) I decided to focus more on Marketing.I require help editing the research question according to the objectives I have set now and also write the full dissertation.I have written about 2300 words literature review, as well as 1000 words methodology so far. Please read my existing work as well and include parts, especially the ones which I gathered from the German literature (i am a native German speaker and translated it into English). I need to achieve a first class.Please find more details in the attachment.\’The purpose of research\’ file will give you an overall view on my subject.The \’methodology\’ file will give you a clear overview on the methods etc.The \’literaturereviewideas\’ file will show you my translated literature with references.The \’Ideas\’ file gives you an overview on my marketing ideas for the companyThe \’meetingnotes\’ file will show you a short description of my meeting with the company.The \’competition\’ file will show you the competition I have found online ( I wrote down the main points of two competitors) – please have a look.Also please find attached the dissertation module handbook from my university, with guidelines and the business concept plus business plan from the company. The company also provided its financial plan.

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