The Three Worlds of Inequality

Understanding Research

  1. Below, provide the APA citation of the article
  2. Briefly, why did the authors conduct the research? Or rather, what is the main research question?
  3. What are the specific hypotheses? (Note: There may be more than one)
  4. What are the Independent and Dependent Variables?
  5. What methods did they use? Specifically, did they use quantitative methods?  Which methodology was used?
  6. How did they select participants?
  7. Briefly and in your own words, explain the findings
  8. What did the researchers identify as weaknesses or limitations?
  9. What theoretical perspective do you think informs the work? How would you apply one of the Big 3 Theories to this research (Functional theory, Feminist theory or Conflict Theory)?
  10. How does this research inform my understanding of Sociology?  How does the sociological pattern discussed in the article confirm, support, or differ the understanding of Sociology?

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