To what extent are federal and state government activities focused on the aged?

This final exam comprises of five questions. Please answer each question succinctly and thoroughly. Simply regurgitating the chapter in your textbook that addresses this content will not be sufficient. Rather, you need to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and issues you are asked to examine, both in breadth and depth. Further, you need to show evidence of critically evaluating the course content, as well as an ability to analyze various arguments and positions. Please refer to the grading rubric for further details. Limit each answer to 500-600 words. If you experience technical difficulties during your exam submission, you must contact the DoIT Help Desk directly and email your work to the instructor by the deadline. Late submissions will be subject to the 5% grade penalty described in the section “Policy on Late Assignments” of the syllabus. Completion due date: week 16.
1. To what extent are federal and state government activities focused on the aged? Select one major program that affects older Americans and describe its strengths and limitations. What ideas can you offer to improve this program and why are these improvements necessary? (25pts.)
2. Explain the importance of studying the process of growing old from a life course perspective. What does this framework entail? What are the advantages of studying aging this way? How has this model given you a better understanding of the experience of growing old? What conclusions have you been able to draw about aging based on this framework? (25pts).
3. Select an aging theory that resonates with you and discuss the following: How does this theory recognize the strengths and developmental opportunities inherent in the aging process? What are some every-day examples of the validity of this theory? (i.e., how do you see this theory being applied in everyday life) What limitations can you identify about this theory? In other words, in what ways does this theory fail to capture all aspects of the aging process?
4. How would you address the common misconception about physical, mental, and cognitive decline being an inevitable part of aging? Be sure that your arguments are specific and scientifically sound and that they address all aspects of functioning. (25pts.)
5. Describe the concept of advance directives. What are their advantages? What are their limitations? How can they assist the older adult in determining their time to die? What, if any, impact do they have on conserving health care resources for the nation? (25 pts.)

Grading Rubric: Points Allowed Points Earned
Addresses each question as posed and to-the-point 3
Answers cover appropriate course content; provides appropriate rationale 12
Writing style is consistent with the requirements listed in the syllabus 7
Adheres to page limit and APA format 3
Total points: 25

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