Two pages of summary, plus your scan of the annotated essay(like one page but on the essay)

In this assignment you will read, annotate, and summarize one assigned academic essay published ina scholarly journal. This essay has been posted to your professor’s TritonEd site. You will annotatethe essay, identifying all of the components of the argumentation, and you will submit your ownwritten summary of the argument. To assist you in your summary, you will also complete therequired On-line Plagiarism Module.Length: Annotations plus 2 pages of summaryYou may electronically annotate the assigned CRA Manifesto document posted to your TritonEd site, or youmay download and print the assigned essay and annotate it by hand. Whichever method you choose, you willscan/save the annotated document as a PDF or .docx file and submit it to your Section TritonEd site withthe Summary below . As you read, annotate the text by writing labels and brief comments in the left andright margins of the text, noting how each paragraph contributes to the scholar’s argument. See the “SampleAnnotated Essay” posted to your class TritonEd site.Left margin: In the left margin next to each paragraph of the text, comment on what each paragraphsays about the topic of the essay.Right margin: In the right margin next to each paragraph of the text, comment on what each paragraphdoes to structure the argument. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of each paragraph in making thescholar’s argument? You should locate and label any or all of the following that apply. Make brief notesin the margin that illustrate answers to the Questions to Consider below:Now that you have identified what the scholar is arguing and how the argument is constructed, you will write asummary, in prose, of the argument in your own words.State the main ideas and key points of the argument simply, objectively, and accurately in your own words inorder to demonstrate that you understand the problem and question that the author raised and the argumentmade to address the problem or answer the question. Do not judge or evaluate the scholar’s argument, justexplain it and all of its relevant components: the problem, question, thesis/declaration, action plan and mainclaims and evidence used to support the thesis. Pay attention to counter-arguments/evidence, how theauthor addresses the evidence supporting these alternative hypotheses, and how the author discusses thesignificance/implications of the thesis.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You may not, however, include sentence-length or numerousquotations; rather, you should paraphrase the author’s ideas (still in your own words).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 pages summary. and i pay one more page for the annotation. you can write it by hand and scan it to me or just type. All samples are here.

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