Using New Criticism to Write About Fiction

1.Your job in this essay is give your reader an analysis for “ A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. To do this you need to put all of your attention on matters of writing craft( which include form, plot structure, conflict, order and sequence,narration/point of view, symbols, characterization, setting, style, diction, syntax, imagery, symbolism, tone and so forth). This question you are to address is the following: How do the authors writings decisions further the unity of the story? You should address atlas three different aspects of the writers crafting of the text.2. The Task1. A.Your goal for this paper is to come up with an independent thesis statement that answers the following questions:2. What is the central theme of the literary work i am addressing?3. What formal elements are present in my story, and how do they contribute to the text’s organic unity?A sample thesis would look something like this:By using setting, third person omniscient narration, characterization, sensory imagery and symbolism, \” The Story of an Hour,\” by Kate Chopin demonstrates the way in which social norms have the power to trap women into domestic roles.ALSO THIS ESSAY NEEDS TO BE DOUBLE SPACED, USE IN TEXT CITATIONS AND MLA FORMAT

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